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Spencer Shwetz

Sundown in SF


Twenty years

Lift off


Mammoth Moutain

I spent the weekend at Mammoth Mountain with friends and family.  I brought my 6d along to capture some of the awesome views from trip.

When renting our equipment, I overheard the ski rental employees talk about how they hadn’t rented out all the equipment yet this year.  

This is the fist look we see of the mountain as we pull up.  Decent amount of snow for March.  

Mammoth uses RFID in their ticket nows.  It helps to get people through the line and onto the life pretty quick.

It was perfect weather.  You can see a snowboarder about to drop in off the top in the above picture.

Fantastic views and this photo was taken a quarter of the way down the mountain.

There seemed to be more skiers than snowboarders on this trip.

Especially while driving the landscape is beautiful. 

Until next time Mammoth…